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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

Today we are talking about Caring for an Elderly Loved One at Home, whether this is new to you or you are anticipating becoming the caregiver for your loved one at home at some point in the near future you will want to listen in to Emily Slattery and I discuss what adult day centers can offer you and your loved one and 3 Tips to Caregiving an Elderly Loved One at Home, to ensure you are keeping them engaged and their brain stimulated while at home.  Emily owns Old Glory Days Adult Care Center in Newtown, CT.

*Please note this was recorded during the COVID19 outbreak and at times refers to challenges of that outbreak*

  • You want your loved one to feel welcome, at ease, belonging
  • You need to figure out what makes the recipient of care, happy; what are their interests, hobbies
  • Incorporate games, trivia and more, modified for the individual
  • Focus-Keep the brain and body active
  • Get others involved, try not to handle care for someone by yourself
  • Keep recipients of care engaged- have them assist with chores, mail, use common items such as a ball
  • Music stays in a person’s brain for a long time
  • Make time for yourself as well, providing care can be stressful
  • Ask for help
  • Determine what stage of memory engagement/loss care is required
  • Accommodate the specific person’s needs- it could just be socializing with someone who lives alone
  • Explore day centers in advance- take a tour, ask questions, does the location provide what you will need for the recipient- nurses, transportation, activities

Some good tips for new caregivers to a loved one in the home:

            Keep on a schedule

            Music on


                        Reading newspaper aloud

                        Walk around the house

                        Fold laundry

                        Investigate chair exercises and do them together

            Find out what’s available in your community:

                        Ask the Alzheimer’s Association

                        Ask for help from family and friend, see where they have attended

Favorite ice cream:  Mint Chocolate Chip

Song: Anything Beatles/Beach Boys, Surfin’ USA

Leisure time:  Balance of family and work life, volunteering

For more information look at Old Glory Days Adult Care Center’s Website- which has numerous resources available

You can connect with me at or listen to the Magnificent Aging Podcast.

Thank you for listening I appreciate you.