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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Aug 16, 2021

What an inspiring podcast!  On this Magnificent Aging Podcast #36, I speak with Jerri Mannion, author of Innocence, Aging & Insight: Personal Poems from the Journey. You will hear how Jerri wrote poetry to help her through an emotional time in her life.  She has so many wonderful tips to share.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did, it is magnificent!

  • Learn how to get to a point in your life where you feel exceedingly blessed.
  • Learn to heal by writing poetry.
  • Get advice on how to turn pain into enthusiasm.
  • What inspires you?
  • Why is it so important to have a hobby?
  • Learn ways to stay connected with family.
  • Great tips on making new friends, starting a club, or joining an existing club.
  • Gain the strength to break through the hurdles of aging and start aging with enthusiasm.
  • Learn steps on how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
  • Turn the page and start a new chapter in life and learn to honor yourself.

Fun fact:  Jerri’s loves pistachio-flavored Gelato.  The song When a Man Loves a Woman is the song that brings her the most joy. It reminds her of dancing with her husband.  In her leisure time, Jerri spends time with her dog, Clancy.  She also loves to spend time writing poetry, playing guitar, being in nature, and catching up with family and friends on social media.

You can get a copy of Jerri’s book on Amazon 203-733-1073 DeClutter By Deirdre, A Senior Move Management Company

“Moving changes an address, not a relationship.” – Deirdre Dolan Nesline

Thank you for listening, I appreciate you! - Deirdre