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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

“The more we learn the more we grow & the more we grow the more we can serve.” Wayne Leiss


Deirdre and Wayne discuss how he went from banking to theater manager to writing and delivering the Adventures in Connection Mentor Program. Adventures in Connection’s next Program begins this Sunday, October 3, 2021.

Wayne discusses his career evolution from banking to a President of the Board then Executive Director of the Ridgefield Theater Barn to massage therapy to his current role as a teacher/mentor of men who love men

  • The impact self-introspective can have on your life
  • Focus of his business revolves around essential oils, teaching and massage therapy
  • Wayne is all about connection and travel focusing mainly on men who love men to create the greatest adventure of their lives
  • Family, society, church taught men they had to be strong and not practice self-care, self-care was never mentioned, Wayne is changing that concept by teaching the importance of all types of self-care for men
  • Self-care has become more vital-emphasis is on essential oils, touch-massage and touch therapy, classes
  • Oxytocin takes 20 seconds to release during a hug, a “bro hug” is not effective or long enough so hold a hug for longer than 20 seconds
  • The good energy of meditation
  • Self-help goal achievement: In 2019 he began daily planking and will complete 2 years in early December 2021
  • The impact of and Wayne’s teaching programs there

Wellness journeys

  • “I can do it!”~Wayne Leiss
  • Values to live by; Adventure, Connection, Service
  • First realize things aren’t working, look for and understand what is happening with your mind, body, spirit-are you exhausted, have high blood pressure, crushing stress
  • Take the time to experience adventure in life whether it be eating ostrich overlooking Norway or stopping and looking for the flowers growing in the sidewalk that others will step on. Wayne has favorite experiences, not favorite places.
  • Adventures in Connection Mentor Program helping men get back in touch with themselves and having a positive effect on the world begins Sunday, October 3, 2021. This program will focus on boosting immunity and energy levels, inviting abundance into your life, calming breathing techniques, discovering joy, the proper use of and handling of essential oils. This 5-week program begins early Sunday, October 3rd 2021
  • Visit and sign up at for the Mentor Program for Men

The impact of a class he teaches a class using essential oils, infused with paint and other items using the sensory piece to anchor positive intentions, has art supplies/will travel!

Favorite ice cream- Cherry Garcia

Song from his youth- Amazing Grace

Favorite Leisure Activity-going to Easton Mountain, theater, travel, photography, podcasts, books on tape, learning

Contact Wayne Leiss and the Adventures in Connection Program at and take a look at

Contact Deirdre by emailing

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