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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

“Moisturize – Moisturize – Moisturize” – Lydia Diaz

  • Do you have sensitivity to your current skin products?
  • Lydia says some of the items you put on your skin are absorbed into your body & DO NOT LEAVE?
  • Learn about WEBA products and how using them helps you and your skin needs but our environment as well. 
  • Learn why it is so important to research labels and ingredients.
  • As you age your skin ages as well. Hear tips on the benefits of changing your current product to WEBA Natural Products.
  • Great tips on keeping your skin looking younger and healthier.
  • Could your environment be causing your skin or even hair concerns?
  • Learn an easy facial routine using WEBA multi-purpose products.

The Stylistics is the group that brings Lydia back to her youth.

Her Leisure time is spent reading, long walks with her husband. She also likes to work out and loves to dance!

Lydia can be reached at WEBA Natural Products

Deirdre can be reached at DeClutter By Deirdre

Thank you for listening, I appreciate you ~Deirdre

DeClutter By Deirdre, A Senior Move management. Helping Seniors and their adult children DeClutter, Project Manage Moves & Live a Fuller Life. Take a look at my website and contact me to work 

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