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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

Breakthrough Coaching

“Today something great is going to happen to me!” – Dr. Mark Sanna

There is a lot of negativity in the world today and we are being faced with so many new and different challenges. Learning how to Break Through the negative energy and create a more positive mindfulness practice is a click away. Deirdre discusses with Dr. Mark Sanna, the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching and author of 4 life coaching books, ways to do just that! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Stay Positive!

  • Learn ways to create positive mindset/mindfulness in your everyday life
  • Does FEAR play a role in your daily life? False Expectations Are feelings that are not Real
  • Learn ways to navigate through FEAR to create positive feelings.
  • Get insight on the importance of a gratitude journal.
  • Learn daily exercises to help change your negative mindset.
  • It is important to stay connected with people, emotionally and spiritually. What can you do to stay connected? Why is a quick check in so important?
  • Working from home is becoming the norm and it can be exceedingly difficult to maintain boundaries between your “home office” and your “home life”. Great tips on balancing the two effectively.
  • Learn how to maintain a corporate environment when working from home.
  • Being more mindful is so important especially now with everyone feeling isolated. Learn ways you can be more present.

Fun Facts about Dr. Sanna:

     Dr. Sanna loves coconut Gelato

     Favorite Artist:  Earth Wind & Fire The song September brings       back great memories of high school.

     Leisure time is spent golfing.

I hope you enjoyed listening to Dr. Mark Sanna as much as I have. Feel free to contact Dr. Sanna via , 1-800-7ADVICE and download his free app Breakthrough Coaching

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Thank you for listening, I appreciate you! ~Deirdre