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Magnificent Aging Podcast

May 8, 2021

Step out of the cold and into the warmth of this Magnificent Aging Podcast. Listen as Deirdre talks about life in Florida with Felicia Saraceno of Felicia’s Luxury Listings, Naples, FL. Enjoy!

“Florida is the healthiest, happiest and most vibrant place to live” – Felicia Saraceno

  • Florida is not just for 65 and older. Hear why young families are flocking to Florida.
  • Unclear about the type of housing that will work for you and your family? Let a real estate professional like Felicia Saraceno guide you through those decisions and so much more.
  • Hear all about beautiful downtown Naples and all it has to offer, from its’ boutiques to fine dining. Get some exercise walking the sidewalks, taking in the sites and enjoy people watching.
  • Travel and Leisure Magazine votes Naples one of the top places to live in the United States.
  • Learn the financial benefits Florida has to offer for example Homesteading.
  • Nothing is better for one’s quality of life than sunshine! Now, imagine that all year round. Deirdre and Felicia discuss all the great outdoor activities there are to do.
  • Fearful of being alone or changing your lifestyle? You will have a different outlook after you listen to this podcast.

Fun facts about Felicia: her favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate and Nutella.

The song Forever Young by Rod Stewart takes her back to her youth.

Felicia loves to spend her leisure time outdoors, relaxing at the beach and boating.

Contact Info: or 203-631-1737

Get in touch with Deirdre at

Thank you for listening, I appreciate you! ~Deirdre