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Magnificent Aging Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

“What story do you want your photos to tell”- Cathi Nelson

What a fun podcast! We all have those boxes marked “Photos” in our attic that over time we have tried to organize but just cannot seem to edit. The many vacation pictures or all the weddings you went to over the years, the list goes on.  Help is a click away! 

Today Deirdre discusses with Cathi Nelson from The Photo Managers and author of Photo Organizing Made Easy – Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. Below are just a few highlights - Enjoy Listening and Have Fun Creating your Story 

  • Learn how to create a photo memory book for an aging relative. Sharing photos of special events in their life can bring them such joy.
  • Learning the ABC’S of photo organizing is an extremely helpful tool. You will learn ways to edit each photo, it is Album worthy, does it need to go Back in the box or is it just not worth saving and needs to be tossed in the Can and what Story do you want to tell?
  • Having a professional photo organizer helping you edit your photos is very healing as it allows you to reflect and relive the many stories each photo tells.
  • Today we can take pictures and get immediate results, do not let your phone become that “storage box” and always remember to back them up!
  • Learn steps on what can be digitized, not only photos.
  • Get insight on becoming part of the Photo Managers Association.
  • “Holding on & accumulating photos eliminates your chance to truly enjoy them.” ~Author Cathi Nelson

Fun Facts about Cathi:

      Favorite Ice Cream:  Chocolate Peanut Butter

      Artist:  Neil Diamond

      Leisure time: Creating Word Art & discovering new outdoor          activities such as snowshoeing.

I hope you enjoyed listening to Cathi Nelson as much as I have! You can connect with Cathi at or visit website

Private FB page: Photo Organizing Advice From The Pros

Book available on Amazon Photo Organizing Made Easy Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Cathi Nelson, author of Photo Organizing Made Easy, is the founder of The Photo Managers, a membership organization dedicated to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the globe build successful photo preservation and organizing businesses.

“Moving changes an address, not a relationship.”~Deirdre Dolan Nesline. Assisting seniors & their families who struggle with where to start & complete DeCluttering their homes so they can de-stress & enjoy a full life without extra burdens they could not previously tackle on their own is my focus.

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Thank you for listening, I appreciate you! ~Deirdre